Finding Googly-Eyed Creatures Everywhere with @alen4a_b

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For Ukraine Instagrammer Alena Baranova (@alen4a_b), the world is full of living creatures many people fail to notice.

She loves bringing everyday objects to life and giving them new, unexpected identities. As she lets her imagination run wild, Instagram has become her creative sketchbook for ideas. Inspired by childhood games, she bought a pack of googly-eye stickers and began to post photos of her new living creations with the hashtag #ятебявижу, which translates to “I see you.”

"The hashtag ‘I see you’ is a continuation of my favorite story from childhood," she says. "The world is full of living creatures, and adults forget about it when they grow up—so I resurrected my favorite game about pretty monsters."

Other Instagrammers welcomed the project. Alena sent a similar packet of googly-eye stickers to Ukraine Instagrammer Evgeniya Drach (@gmentezi) to take part, who also shared the eyes with her sister Olga Simxa (@olasimxa). Since then, the three Instagrammers have been finding little monsters everywhere. “Evgeniya and Olga make cooking videos and spend a lot of time in the kitchen,” explains Alena. “That’s why food, vegetables and fruits are often the subjects of the project.”

As for Alena herself, she carries a special small box with the eyes in it so she is ready to shoot at any second inspiration appears.


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